Database Updates

Price Database Updates:

as of 10/5/2019

Items we’re working on to improve your experience:

  1. Linking the header search bar to the Price Database search bar. (This does work when a member is signed in…)
  2. Adding an “X” to the search bar to clear out your search.
  3. Automatically adding a free VIP membership to your account when you register. Currently, registered users still have to “sign up” for a membership to use the Database features (Median, Average and Lowest Price, Price Graph, My Searches, etc.).
  4. Correcting “My Searches” on Mobile
  5. Speeding up search results. Generally, if you use enough key words, the results populate quickly but occasionally the database seems to bog down.
  6. Potential deals sort functions and adding “newly added” as a sort function.
  7.  Search results page: Moving up the automatic adjustment from what appears as the bottom of the page to the top of the search results (you’ll see what we mean if you don’t know what were talking about when we fix it 🙂

We are only as good as your experience, so please contact us with any suggestions, changes or additions.

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