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Seller ID: amitylabs
Listing Type: Fixed Price Item
List Date: 05/12/2018
End Date: 05/12/2020
Category: Miners
Location: The Dalles, Oregon
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Amp1975l2 1975 watt cryptocurrency mining power supply

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High Efficiency 1975 Watt Server PSU for Cryptocurrency Mining No more flimsy breakout boards! No more melted wiring! We are experienced bitcoin miners/engineers who offer you power systems we know to work well in actual use: Reliability: Our wiring and PSU choices have proved themselves in 24/7/365 harsh condition operations at 100% duty cycle. Ease of use: No screwing around with din terminals and wire strippers. Just plug it and turn it on!Quality: We work with a leading cable manufacturer to custom-design and make our wiring. Value: When you add it all up, we come ahead of any breakout board or PC ATX clone (and way ahead of Bitmain's own power supplies). Free shipping - satisfaction guaranteed - 60 day warranty. And now, onward with the technical specifications: Power Supply Specifications: Max power output: 1975 Watts High efficiency (92% Gold)Will power any large ASIC miner or GPU rigWill power x2 (TWO) L3+/A4 litecoin minersCompact Cube Form Factor with High Airflow Universal C13 "computer/monitor" power socket200-240V (on 110V, the PSU will be limited to 930 Watts for safety reasons - do not mine on 110V!) 2x universal Amity Labs harness (x20 PCIe connectors total)Optional x3 harness build available upon request (x30 PCIe connectors total) Note: You'll see some vendors labeling similar PSUs as 94% Platinum Efficiency. They are NOT! and the sellers probably just don't know the Ecova rating of the product they are selling. Universal Amity Labs 10-connector PCI-e harness: Designed to connect to any Bitmain Antminer (and other brands such as Avalon) Ten (10x) 16 AWG braided copper 6-pin PCI-E Molex connectors, each rated to 240 Watt / 20 Amps at 80 degrees C30 in (~75 cm) DC bus implemented with 200C silicone heavy gauge wiring, rated to 1200 Watts / 100 amps Wiring soldered to the power terminals (minimizes electrical and thermal resistance) All energized contacts fully insulated and protected against wear, tear, and heat with high-strength dielectric epoxy shield Technical Notes: There is a reason why you'll not see a single breakout board or PC ATX clone in our data centers! Modern bitcoin miners require ~100 amps of current at 100% duty cycle The PCB of most breakout boards does not have enough copper planes to carry such currents. The result is overheating, delamination, and equipment-destroying burnout.The backplane connector of many breakout boards is a cheap low-current part instead of the 50-Amp-per-blade OEM version (check the part # rating on the Amphenol/Digikey parts site)Breakout boards have all their hot points exposed. Drop a coin, a screwdriver...etc - and watch what happens.A good server PSU will outlast the breakout board and pretty much anything else in normal use. An interchangeable connector is moot. In contrast, our design optimizes heat management, hardiness, and insulation: We solder the conductors to the power terminals, providing for absolutely minimal resistance and optimal heat conduction/dissipation. The solid contact also protects against accidental disconnects, contact sparks, and interface oxidation.We insulate every hot point with hard electrical epoxy and heavy-duty shrink wrap to prevent accidental shorts and increase hardiness. We use proper wiring gauge and insulationWe use quality PCI-e connectors with proper crimpingOur PSUs ready to plug and go. You will not waste your time screwing around with DIN terminals or spade connectors. Ordering: Free shipping only to the "lower 48" contiguous US states. Non-US buyers - please contact us before purchase for shipping quote.Volume buyer? Please contact us - we can customize your order to your exact data center needs.Because this is a custom modification of an existing device, the original FCC/UL/OHSA...etc PSU certifications are not applicable, and no safety guarantee is made. Questions? Ask us! Thank you!

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Type: ASIC
Model: AMP1975L2
Compatible Currency: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Devcoin, Digitalcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin
Power Use (W): 1975
Brand: Amity Labs
Mining Hardware: GPU, ASIC
Hash Algorithm: Blake-256, Dagger-Hashimoto (Ethereum), Scrypt, SHA-256, SHA-256d, X11