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2014 canada .9999 silver 20$ - great lake - series - lake superior - coin #1

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***** PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ***** "Great Lakes" Series The Great Lakes are the world’s largest system of fresh surface water. Its five lakes - Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario -are visible from the moon and hold about 20% of the world’s freshwater supply. They were carved out and filled by prehistoric glaciers, and cover more than 243,000 km2 (93,823 square miles). This is one of the most biologically diverse regions in Canada with more than 150 fish and 50 plant species, some of which are not anywhere else on earth. ”Lake Superior” Lake Superior is the largest, coldest and deepest—just over 400 m (1,312 ft). It’s also the farthest north and the most pristine of the lakes. Few people settled here because of the cold climate, and today the Canadian side is predominantly wilderness. This coin reverse features an interpretation of a bathymetric map of Lake Superior highlighted with colored enamel. This product has been designed and produced by the RCM based on Canadian Hydrographic Service data. The obverse of the coin features an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. * You are buying (immediate sale) 1 X 2014 Canadian Sterling Silver 20 Dollar, Coin 1 in the 5 coins " Great Lakes" Series. Truly a remarkable coin, part of a 5 coin series stroked with reverse relief and very nice shades of blue depicting deepness levels of each lake in the Great Lake group. This coins is sold and shipped in an original RCM Marron box and black outer sleeve with the COA card. This coin set was originally released in a limited mintage run, through Canada and USA only, in 2014 at a retail price of 114.95$CAD. The coins is 1 Troy Oz. of pure sterling silver. At this time, Lake Superior and Lake Huron are the most sought after coins in this series. *** Very Low Mintage 10,000 *** 1. Grading: Coin grade(s), if given, are for the sole purpose of reference and should be interpreted as such. I'm not a professional grader so refer to the picture(s) and YOU are the only judge of the coin(s) or set(s) quality being sold here. 2. Sales taxes: a) In Canada; since I'm a private collector and being so, this sale is to be considered as a used object sale between two private entities therefore there are no sales taxes to be applied. b) In USA; if this sale is accessible to US citizen, residing in the USA, no sales taxes are to be applied except that all shipment sent across the Canadian border might be subject to Import taxes that may be applied and levied by the US customs Dept. As the buyer importing goods you might be subject to those taxes and they will be considered the full responsibility of the importing buyer. Please and as such inform yourself of these extra fees to avoid any bad surprise. 3. Shipping & fees: a) For Canada; Up to 30 grams, any lot of single coin(s) will be determined by the number of coins shipped and will be shipped via Canada Post letter mail services, except if the total value of the coin(s) shipped exceeds 50.00$CAD, please see lot(s) exceeding 50.00$CAD. b) For USA: Any lot of single coin(s) shipment through Letter Mail or Parcel Post delivery services will be determine by the weight and size of the shipment (size and weight permitted in a regular envelope), except if the total value of the sale exceeds 50.00$CAD, please see “Insurance application”. c) Insurance application: Any lot exceeding 50.00$CAD in value, will be shipped via Canada Post/USPS Tracked Parcel Post Standard or Expedited service including insurance coverage for up to 100$CAD in the original shipping price, no exceptions for any reasons what so ever. Any exceeding amount exceeding 100$CAD in value insurance coverage fees will be applied, see insurance rates. d) Shipping rates and condition: The shipping of bulky merchandise, that doesn’t fit in a regular envelope, will be determined by the final destination point of delivery, according to your registered address on your E-Bay account. Transport and delivery will be covered by Canada Post/USPS Parcel Standard or Expedited service. There is a minor fee for shipping supplies, included in the Canada Post/USPS grid (see below) that will be used to determine the fees to insure and complete final delivery to your postal or zip code. Shipping fee grid is in CAD funds. Canada Post Ground /USPS Letter Mail - Air services Country 0-30 Gr. /50 Gr. /100 Gr. /200 Gr. /300 Gr. /400 Gr. /500 Gr. Transit Canada 0,00 $ 1,50 $ 2,00 $ 3,00 $ 4,25 $ 4,75 $ 5,25 $ 4 - 6 Day U.S.A. 1,50 $ 2,00 $ 3,00 $ 5,25 $ 10,50 $ 10,50 $ 10,50 $ 6 - 8 Day Canada Post Tracked Ground Parcel /USPS Tracked Parcel - Air services Country 500 Gr. up to 1.5 Kg. Transit Canada 12,75 $ to 31,00 $ 4 to 6 Day Depending on final destination Postal Code U.S.A. 17,00 $ to 50,00 $ 7 to 10 Day Depending on final destination ZIP Code Insurance Fees Canada 2,50 $ per 100$CAD or fraction of 100$CAD of the Declared Value U.S.A. 2,50 $ per 100$CAD or fraction of 100$CAD of the Declared Value 4. Shipping and payment delays: Shipping, unless otherwise stated, will be made 1 weekday after full payment is received. Full payment of item(s), unless accepted in a mutual consent, is expected within 72 hours of purchase. A notice e-mail will be sent to the buyer 24 hours prior to 72 hour time limit, if no pre arrangement has been made for determining payment delay, to the effect that the buyer has 24 hours to complete payment otherwise sale will be cancel and item(s) will be re posted for sale. If no mutual accepted arrangements have been made prior to deadline, the seller reserves the rights to place a formal complaint of non-payment to E-Bay. Please understand that I’m a private collector and I don’t manage a store, therefore I don’t have a lay away plan. Please make sure that when you buy an item you are ready to pay it within the mentioned time limit, otherwise contact me before committing yourself on buying it. Furthermore if your intention are not clear about buying the posted item, please refrain of doing so. 5. Shipping responsibility disclaimer: As an individual I cannot and will not be held responsible for any damage or losses in transit and/or transport of your item(s) under the Canada Post or USPS custody. Insurance coverage fees will be applied if your purchase exceeds 50$CAD in total value. And if there is any loss or damage to your item(s) the value will be covered by insurance. There will be no return accepted for damage item(s) in transport. No direct claims to the seller will be accepted due and on behalf of Canada Post and/or USPS responsibility to deliver any items purchased and bearing a valid Canada Post tracking number. 6. Returns: Usually thoroughly documenting, with photo(s), the item(s) sold in this offer: I will accept returns only if the item(s) you see in the photo(s) is (are) not the item(s) that you will receive. I will also accept returns only if the item(s) are returned as is, in its (their) original and intact packaging and holder(s) if any. Unless it is a shipping mistake; all shipment fees regarding the return(s) of any item(s) falls under the responsibility of the buyer. If you have any concern on reception of the coin(s), feel free to e-mail me. 7. Questions: Any question(s) regarding this (ese) article(s) are welcomed, please feel free to ask. I will answer to the best of my knowledge. I take request in English and/or French, les questions et demandes en Français sont aussi bienvenues! To those who will consider and or buy this (ese) item(s), Thank you! ***** Keep on surfing on E-Bay… Have FUN!!! *****

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