How To Use


Buyers & Collectors:
Never overpay again (well, that’s up to you….. but we can help)! By using our database, you’ll be able to compare both active and sold item prices and identify potential deals.
1.) Browse for the item you’re looking to add to your collection
2.) Refine the search by using the categories and filters
3.) Select Highest (or Lowest) price first
Once you’ve sorted by “Price: Highest First”, you’ll see a pattern as you scroll down the page. Generally, the highest priced items are active buy it now listings, followed by sold items. Within the mid to lower half of the page should be some potential deals to be had. Click on the “Bid Now” or “Buy It Now” button to view, bid, make an offer or buy the item.


The factors that go into pricing your items can leave many with their heads spinning. “I don’t want to sell it to low”, “If I price it too high, it will just scare buyers away and sit around forever”, are just a few of the many thoughts many have when listing items for sale. Luckily, you have us to help with the process.
1.) Browse for the item you’re looking to sell
2.) Refine the search by using the categories and filters
3.) Select Highest (or Lowest) price first to get a general overview
4.) Select “Recently Sold” To see the newest sales.
Between the third and fourth options, you should be able to find a price point that will help sell your item quickly while maximizing the items potential value.

General Search Help

For general searching, you can search by using keywords and our “sort” function. (For example: best match, active and sold items, highest and lowest price, recently ended).
Best Match:
This is the default “sort by” function. The most accurate results will appear first with less specific results revealed as you scroll down the page. Once you select any of the other “sort by” options, the keyword(s) in your search will have to be listed in the title and the number of results will be less than the “Best Match” option.
Filters will help you refine your search down to the exact item you’re looking for or researching. 
Categories and Subcategories: You’ll see our main categories initially but once you click one, the sub-categories will appear.
Status: All, Active Only, Sold Only, and Sold- Offer Accepted
Listings: All, Auction, Buy it Now
Price: Min and Max – which you can set
Sellers: Browse and select one or more of your favorite eBay sellers
Item Specifics: 
Item Specifics are unique and vary per category. Sellers would have had to enter them on their listings previously for them to show up in our results.  There will be listings that don’t have item specifics and won’t show up in the results when using this feature.
Results and Item Details:
Your search results will depend on what you put into it. Browsing is the most vague and general; selecting filters and item specifics will be the most accurate.